Si Bonne was established in Qatar as pa of Flora Group specializing in fresh cut flowers, plants and floral products. All facilities provide customers with a high-level service built on commercial experience and knowledge. Since its establishment, Si Bonne has been achieving a steady growth and has broadened its network and strategic partnerships across more than 25 countries in the world: Holland, Italy, Ecuador, Colombia, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, New Zealand, China, Thailand, India,Taiwan and others.


is based on presenting the local market with “great” and “innovative” products and so we continue searching for new sources by visiting new international exhibitions across the world.


1- Honesty & Trueness: we base our relationships with our clients, suppliers, and employees with the two key values. Our obligation in high standards gives us integrity and transparency.
2- Knowledge and experience: Our staffs have high qualifications in their fields, good experience in the local market and access international networks.
3- Customers satisfaction remains one of the core values of our business therefore we spend special care and attention to our clients to study their needs and follow their requirements as much as we can.
4- Distinction: we ensure that our products and services compete in quality as the best in the market; therefore, Si Bonne has obtained a leading role in the local markets.